Airbrush Makeup has been around for a long time but is only getting into the mainstream recently safe to say there will be doubts and questions about it. This week we will be debunking some Airbrush Myths stay tuned to the page to get some of your questions cleared, still have questions or would like to experience this makeup innovation join us for an airbrush course.

Airbrush Myth 1: Airbrush makeup feels heavier/thicker on skin than regular applied makeup.

FACT: Airbrush makeup actually feels lighter in most cases on the skin compared to traditionally applied foundation because it’s sprayed on to the skin slowly and built up slowly to ensure even coverage.

Airbrush Myth 2: Airbrush makeup flakes and melts off.

FACT: This is absolutely untrue. If your makeup melts off or flakes off it’s because your skin was not properly prepped before foundation was applied. The tiny micro fibre that airbrush emits fills and attaches to the skin better than any foundation could. MUD airbrush liquids silicone-based formula goes on like make-up – rather than paint – to create sheer, beautiful coverage with a dewy appearance.

Airbrush Myth 3: Airbrush makeup is just a gimmick /a way for makeup artists to charge more for their services.

FACT: Airbrush makeup has been around for a very long time. It’s not a gimmick. For years, airbrush makeup was mainly used in the film industry and then quickly became a favourite among makeup artists working in the High Definition TV industry. The benefit of airbrushing in an HD environment is that the skin is not touched while the makeup is being applied as the product is sprayed on to the face directly.

Airbrush Myth 4: Airbrush makeup is better than traditional applied makeup.

FACT: False. Airbrush makeup is no better or worse than traditionally applied #makeup. Well applied makeup is well applied makeup. What are the advantages to airbrush makeup? Airbrush makeup is known to have extremely good longevity on the skin and is basically on your skin until you take it off.

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